Gaëtan Casteels

Bassist & Composer


The Brussels born Gaëtan Casteels started playing the double bass at the age of 19, at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. There he studied jazz with Jean-Louis Rassinsfosse and classical double bass with Christian Vanderbrorght and Eric Demesmaeker. He also lived in Spain for 5 years, where he studied with Horacio Fumero. Gaëtan also attended the master classes of Dave Holland, Christian McBride, George Garzone and especially Hein Van de Geyn.
He plays in various styles, especially modern jazz with his own Quartet and other bands. He is also a member of Matouya, a duo with the nyckelharpist Marielle Vancamp with whom they explore a genre at the border of jazz and folk music.
Gaëtan composes for his quartet, but also made the music for the short movie « Haften » de Jannes de Leest. While living in Spain he played for drama and poetry shows, classical orchestras, modern drum & bass jazz bands and a tribute to Miles Davis’Birth of the Cool in nonet.
He recorded and toured with jazz bands, songwriters, folk bands in Belgium, Spain, France and Italy.

Gaëtan Casteels Quartet

Gaëtan Casteels
Double bass, compositions
Bruno Grollet
Timothé Lemaire
Pierre Hurty


"Il était une fois une jeune femme, qui aimait se promener dans la forêt... Elle s'y perdait des heures, et quand les gens de son village lui demandaient ce qu'elle pouvait bien y faire elle répondait qu'elle écoutait le chant de Matouya, l'âme des arbres..."

Matouya is a duo with the nyckelharpist Marielle Vancamp with whom we explore the frontier between jazz and folk music.

Marielle Vancamp
Gaëtan Casteels
Double bass